PA IBHS Training Requirements: Overview- Who Needs Which Trainings

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All the mandated changes set forth by Pennsylvania for service delivery which went into effect January 17, 2020, can be convoluted and challenging to understand.  In this 60-minute webinar, we delve into the training requirements for each of the provider types such as Behavior Analysis services to include BHTs, Mobile Therapy, Behavior Analysis, Group, and Individual therapy etc. Along with clearly identifying which professional needs which trainings, we also provide downloadable tools to support you and your organization to simply track and identify which staff members require which training and when those trainings are required to be completed.

Here are a few comments and feedback from LIVE participants and how they can use this training:

“The breakdown of what trainings each position needs was very helpful.” – Jen A. 

“My own training requirements and the requirements for those I will supervising” – Alex M. 

“[I gained a] “clear understanding of training required and time frame” – Amanda C


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