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About Active Steps

We specialize in delivering outstanding behavioral health services tailored to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, offering a comprehensive array of support and therapeutic services. Our primary emphasis is on enhancing independence and fostering self-reliance, as we firmly believe that the highest quality of life can be attained through these efforts.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals through strategic placement of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) sessions to enhance skills, boost confidence, and promote the effective “generalization” of learned appropriate behaviors. We prioritize the crucial aspect of generalization in ABA, ensuring that progress achieved in home settings seamlessly extends to the community and diverse environments.


Active Steps has been engaged on a retained basis to identify ethical and results-oriented professionals who can effectively meet the requirements of their clients.

If you are eager to make a change not only for yourself but in the lives of clients and their families…
we want to meet you!

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If you are enthusiastic about making a positive impact not just for yourself but also in the lives of clients and their families, we look forward to meeting you!

Testimonials About Our Services

At The Ideal Youth, we extend beyond conventional settings to achieve outcomes. We proactively envision the future, cultivating skills that seamlessly merge into everyday life. Our dedicated team formulates a comprehensive strategy for your youth, harmonizing all aspects of our initiatives. Utilizing ABA techniques, we systematically cultivate skills with an unwavering emphasis on their tangible, real-world application.

Implementing Tangible Outcomes

Our dedication lies in fostering collaboration, actively encouraging parent engagement, and involving other family members, caregivers, educators, and service providers in the personalized applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment plan for your child.

Collaborating Together in Partnership

Our outstanding team of professionals is a source of pride for us. The key to your child’s success lies in our capacity to attract and retain a motivated, highly skilled staff. Embracing an employee-centered approach, we make significant investments in our clinicians, empowering them to apply their expertise in fostering your child’s development.

Dedicated Team Overview