RBT and BCBA Matchmaker

Introducing “RBT and BCBA Matchmaker”: Empowering Your Recruitment Efforts


Are you tired of the challenges faced in recruiting BTs/RBTs and BCBAs for your organization? At ABA Business Growth, we understand the frustrations of searching for the right candidates to meet the needs of desperate families. That’s why we offer our exclusive “RBT and BCBA Matchmaker” feature, putting ethical ABA organizations in the driver’s seat to take control of their recruitment activities.


How Candidate Matchmaker works?

ABA Business Growth is committed to providing you with fresh and up-to-date candidates through our extensive research efforts. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to identify qualified professionals who match your specific requirements.

Upon compiling the candidate profiles, our team conducts a quick pre-screening call with each candidate. This step allows us to introduce your organization, ensuring that the candidates are familiar with your company and its mission. Additionally, we verify and validate the contact details, including email addresses and phone numbers, provided by the candidates. This thorough process guarantees that you receive accurate and reliable information, streamlining your recruitment process.

We understand the importance of connecting you with the right candidates efficiently and effectively. By conducting meticulous research and pre-screening, ABA Business Growth ensures that you receive a curated list of candidates who are genuinely interested in your organization and meet your criteria.

Rest assured that our commitment to quality and accuracy is paramount. We prioritize the delivery of fresh and validated candidate profiles, enabling you to focus on making informed hiring decisions and meeting the needs of the families you serve. With “Candidate Matchmaker” we leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in candidate screening to provide you with an actionable, customized prospect list. We handpick candidates who align with your specific job requirements, ensuring you have access to a pool of qualified professionals who are ready to make a difference.


What our RBT and BCBA Matchmaker feature delivers:

Behavior Technician (BT)/ Registered Behavior Technician – RBT Matchmaker List:

For your BT/RBT recruitment needs, we furnish a list of 50 BT/RBTs who reside within a specified distance of your preferred location.

Each Behavior Technician (BT)/ Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) profile includes:
– Resume/Profile: A detailed snapshot of the candidate’s skills and background.
– Valid Email Address: We supply you with verified email addresses to facilitate easy communication.
– Valid Telephone Number: Our recruiters double-check each telephone number, guaranteeing accurate contact information.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst – BCBA Matchmaker List:

We provide you with a targeted list of 25 BCBAs living within a 30-45 minutes of your preferred location.

Each Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) profile includes:
– Resume/Profile: A comprehensive overview of the candidate’s qualifications and experience.
– Valid Email Address: We verify and provide you with a reliable email contact for each candidate.
– Valid Telephone Number: Our recruiters personally verify each telephone number to ensure its validity.

Warm-up Email Sequence:

To create awareness of your organization among the selected candidates, we craft a series of three customized emails. These emails, developed in collaboration with you, aim to generate interest in your company without directly recruiting the candidates.

If you are interested in expanding your reach and engaging with a wider audience beyond the “Candidate Matchmaker” feature, ABC Organization also offers stand-alone Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns. These campaigns provide you with the opportunity to showcase your organization and its unique offerings to a broader pool of potential candidates.

To enroll in our Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns and maximize your recruitment efforts, please register through the following link.

By registering, you can optimize your candidate outreach and ensure that your organization’s message reaches a wider audience of qualified professionals who may be the perfect fit for your team.

What We Need from You:

To ensure the most effective results, we require the following from you:

– Job Description: A detailed outline of the job requirements and responsibilities.
– Benefits Information: Insights into the perks and advantages candidates can expect.
– Company Information: Marketing collateral or any other materials that can help us showcase your organization’s strengths.


Availing our “RBT and BCBA Matchmaker” feature involves a one-time fee of $2,500. This investment provides you with the resources needed to streamline your recruitment process, attract the right candidates, and ultimately make a positive impact on the families you serve.

Take charge of your recruitment efforts and let “Matchmaker Profiles” be the catalyst for connecting you with the best-suited candidates. Contact us today to embark on a journey of effective and purposeful recruitment. Together, we can make a difference.