PA (IBHS) Training Package



This training package meets the training requirements set-forth by Pennsylvania (IBHS) for practitioners that work as BCBA’s, BHTs, Behavior Techs, RBT®s etc. working with individuals with developmental, mental and other disabilities (to include ASD).  This training is provided in association with Special Learning, Inc who is an approved BACB® ACE® provider (OP-14-2347), QABA® CEU provider, and an APA® CE Sponsor. Professional students who successfully complete this course will have satisfied the following Pennsylvania mandated training elements:

  • (2) Crisis intervention skills, including risk management, de-escalation techniques and safety planning.
  • (3) Behavior management skills and coaching.
  • (4)  Child and adolescent development
  • (5) Overview of serious emotional disturbance and other behavioral and psychosocial needs of the children, youth and young adults
  • (6) Professional ethics, conduct and confidentiality.
  • (8) Psychotropic medications, including common side effects.

Please note: Professional Students will still be required to complete the following trainings with an approved provider to fully meet the PA requirements:

Training package includes:

  • Initial Training by Provider Level
    • Initial 30hr Training for BHTs and Behavior Techs
    • Initial 30hr Training Clinical Directors and Behavior Analysts with NO experience
    • Initial 20hr Training Clinical Directors and Behavior Analysts with experience
  • Additional 24hr Training for ALL providers without experience

If you are taking this course, you may also be required to complete the following courses:

  • Additional RBT® 40-hour Course (completed prior to working with clients)
  • Additional 24-hour Training Sequence Course for those without Experience in the field (completed within 6-months of your hire date)

**Some classes within this course may also be eligible for CE/CEU credits when applicable.

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